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Recording Artists - Apply to become a member of platinum indie

Platinum Indie works with Indie Artists and Indie Labels to provide quality administrative and creative services needed to bring their music career to the next level. Some of the services Platinum Indie, and our partners, will provide will include Music Publishing, Distribution, Marketing, Production, Merchandising, Brand Management, and the attraction of Sponsorship, Advertisement, and Endorsement deals to name a few. Our goal is to provide a strong platform of professional services that allow you to do what ou do best… MAKE MUSIC & ENTERTAIN!

Apply to Become a Content partner

Platinum Rouge is looking for content providers to partner with. If you are a content provider who would like to be aired, published, distributed, and represented please send us your pitch. Please note that given the volume of submissions we will only reply to submissions we are interested in moving forward with. We look forward to hering from you.

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Platinum Rouge works with a SELECT group of Actors, Models, Recording Artists, Producers, Film Makers, Directors, Motivational Speakers, Personalities, and Influencers to grow their brands as part of the Platinum Rouge family. While we only maintain a small roster of internal talent, you are welcome to apply for representation. If we see a possible fit we will contact you regarding the next step in the application process for now just fill out the simple form below.