Welcome to Platinum Rouge

Platinum Rouge is a multi-media edutainment (entertainment & education) company specializing in the creation, branding, promoting, publishing, and distribution of creative content.  We are called to improve the world one remarkable creation at a time. 

Our Commitment – we will:

  • Create amazing content

  • Build remarkable brands

  • Engage clients & partners 

  • Entertain 

  • Educate

  • Inspire

  • Uplifting our followers, fans, and partners

  • Help other creators achieve success

  • Build products, brands, and offerings that make a difference in the lives of others, or that simply entertain them in a spectacular way…ideally both

  • Use our skills for educating and entertaining to add value to the lives of our fans, customers, clients, and partners as well as to the entertainment and education industries as a whole.

  • Maintain a sense of curiosity, humor, kindness, fairness, equitable awareness, and intelligence in all we do.


Our mission is to improve the world by helping each person improve themselves – we do this through the creation of unique works in educations, entertainment, systems, connections, resources, opportunities, mentorship, and more.


We envision a world where people use their God-given talents and gifts to uplift themselves. We want people to love every minute of what they do for a living and to use that positive energy and bless others aka pay it forward. 


We value entertainment and the beautiful feeling one gets when listing to an epic song, watching a gripping film, or being touched by an inspiring poem or quote. 

We value knowledge sharing and we seek to ensure that anything we produce, or partner on, results in the inspiration, motivation, realization, or upliftment of the person engaging with the content. 

We value honesty, integrity, the uniqueness of each human, the ability to see amazing creations come to life, and innovation.

Finally we value partnerships, networking, and connecting our followers, fans, and members to life-enhancing resources for a variety of areas in life. d