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We create content, and partner with content creators, to bring fresh high-quality entertainment to the masses.

Platinum Rouge also owns and operates Platinum Indie - a platform where indie recording artists can access publishing, distribution, management services and other resources needed to take your career to the next level.

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Platinum Rouge Publishing

Platinum Rouge Publishing is dedicated to publishing primarily Canadian works. Our publications are family friendly, entertaining, and often teach important life lessons. We are very proud of our starting line-up of Platinum Rouge Publications, specifically our Hip Hop Heroz series NOW OUT ON AMAZON. Look out for our upcoming holiday book Awesome Audrey's Cooky Christmas and our third Hip Hop Heroz book Fit Fanny Fantastic - promoting the importance of fitness to child readers. Our books are available for retail purchase on Amazon and Wholesale Purchase by Contacting Us.

Platinum Rouge Music

Platinum Rouge Publishes, Distributes, Promotes and Builds Artists Brands.

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We publish Canadian authors. Our main focus is children's books, poetry, comics, young adult, business, lifestyle, drama, sci-fi, comedy, autobiographical (in special cases), and motivational books. Contact Us to submit your pitch. We do not accept full projects only short pitches.

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We love and support Canadian Recording Artists. Through our up-coming Platinum Indie platform we provide a variety of services that add professionalism to the indie artist brand. We are now accepting Pre-Registrations. We are also looking for a few dedicated artists for Platinum Rouge Music. Contact Us!

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You create qualities videos and we will work to raise its profile, monetize it, build a viewership, and build your brand! Let's work together to take your shows and films to the next level. We are looking for fresh new content to air this fall and are currently accepting pitches.

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So you've got something to say? Great - we want to hear, and so do our listeners. If you have a podcast you want to create, and you want a professional platform and team, Contact Us. If we like your show idea you could be a part of our team in no time!


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Platinum Rouge Talent

We work primarily Canadian content providers to bring to the world our unique style, culture, humor, and flare. We have always taken the world by storm with amazing talents like Drake, Justin Beiber, The Weekend, Mike Myers, Shania Twain, and John Candy to name a few. Our Actors, Models, Recording Artists, Authors, Visual Artists and other creatives have taken the world by storm…it’s why we are known as Hollywood North, and why they call us the Canadian Invasion. This is why Platinum Rouge is so proud to work with the next BIG names coming out of Hollywood North. Our diverse talent all offer unique draws that will surely keep you tuning in for more. Meet our starts!